For the Android Geek
If you have a unique & useful Android app that you think should be in the list, email

    Vlingo: Siri-Like virtual assistant that lets you speak commands to launch applications, create and send text messages and emails, do searches and just about anything else you can think of. It will also read texts and emails to you.

    mVideoPlayer: Very nice video player that auto pauses on screen shut off, resume from last played point, shows movie posters and plays subtitles.

    Pandora: Streams your favorite music. Learns your favorite music by seeding your favorite songs and artists then interjects songs it thinks you might like. Thumbs up and Thumbs down to teach Pandora even better what you like. Stream the music through Bluetooth to your stereo or listen with a headset for awesome music anytime, anywhere.

    Launch-X: Lets you organize your Android screens by grouping together apps and icons that you want together. Resizes icons so you can get more icons on one screen! Allows you to set a background color/gradient and transparency level for a very polished look. Most of all its resizing of icons so you can get more apps on your screens is its main function.

    JuiceDefender: An essential battery life saver. Through its tweaks you can easily increase battery life by 1.5-2x. Set it to turn off battery draining radios like GPS, WiFi, 3G radio, 4G radio, etc. when not in use to extend battery life. Set 'night' time, throttle the processor of the device, set which applications re-establish Internet connections, etc.

    LookOut: Malware, Antivirus, Backup and lost device finding. Great program to help you make sure your device is safe through checking applications to make sure they are not malicious. It will also back up your contacts and even let you remotely find your device, lock it and even wipe it if you think it ended up in the wrong hands.

    Advanced Task Killer: Great program for killing applications that launch themselves but are just wasting your battery and resources. Has auto-kill options to shut down programs on an interval that are automatically launched in the background. Lets you choose which applications to ignore (programs you dont want killed).

    GMail: A basic, but underutilized tool for email. Gmail uses Push technology as opposed to other mail clients which constantly request internet connections to check for messages. This saves battery life. Gmail service lets you assign several email accounts to Gmail and let Gmail handle all of your mail. Not only does it have a great spam filter, but its Android and web based mail services are a great organizational tool.

    Roam Control: Ever have poor service in a store while shopping? With Roam Control you can force your phone into a Roam Only mode and allows your phone to ignore your service provider's signals and grab the competitors who may have better coverage in your location. This can give you much better signal strength including faster data. If your phone company's signal is there but very weak, your phone will keep trying to use that signal...It will ramp up its output power, draining its battery faster and usually the results will not be great anyway. So by forcing your phone to ignore that weak signal and go for another company's stronger signal you save battery and improve your signal. Note this is not in Android Play, you must download it from their web site.

    Handcent: Great Text Messaging app that lets you set a huge variety of options including the look of your messaging application, and lets you speak your texts rather than type them.

    Pykl3 Radar: For those who are weather geeks, this a great app that lets you view NEXRAD radar data in its native vector format. This very fast application also shows your position on the radar image and lets you overlay a wide variety of information including watches, warnings and more products like lightning, convective outlooks, surface conditions, storm tracks, spotter locations and storm reports from companies like AllisonHouse. It will also report your position to the SpotterNetwork organization if you're a storm chaser or storm spotter.

    SlingPlayer: Awesome program that works with your SlingBox to stream your satellite or cable TV to your Android. Works flawlessly on your internal network. Over 3G its a little choppy, but still a cool tool. I use mine a lot when working out where I don't have a TV. You can control everything including shows you have recorded, setting new recordings, play, pause, change channels, etc.

    Dimmer: A simple widget that lets you dim or brighten your screen. This is the single biggest battery drainer. If you can get used to dimming your screen with this widget when you don't need it so bright, you'll save a lot of battery.

    Mute Widget: Great, easy widget to mute your ringer, set it to vibrate and mute notifications & media. Its a great way to quickly mute your device when going into a movie theater, church or other location when you need to quickly make sure your device is muted. Hitting the widget again sets all your volumes back to their previous state.

    Screen Off & Lock: Another simple widget that lets you shut your screen off easily. I find this a little easier than pushing the hard button on the top of the phone. By tapping this I also likely save my hard power button from getting wore out too quickly.

    LogMeIn: Great tool and service for controlling your computers at home. View your computer's desktops, restart, open and close programs, view files, etc. You can do everything from your Android that you can behind your computer. This is great for anyone running a business or needs to check some things from work.

    ConnectBot: Similar to LogMeIn, ConnectBot lets you connect to remote computers via SSH. A text-based way to interact with your computers, but very powerful. Send commands to move files around, check server status, start and stop services or even restart it.

    AndFTP: An FTP client for your Android. Need to move files to or from your Android to a web server? Use AndFTP to do it. Need to make a quick modification to a web page? Pull the original file down from your server with AndFTP and modify the file on your Android, then send the changes back up to the web server. (You could also do that on the remote server with the Vi command with ConnectBot without actually having to transfer the file)

    DirecTV: The DirecTV app is a nice one for seeing what's on and setting your DVRs to record shows while you're away.

    RedBox: Thinking of picking up a movie on your way home from work? Use the RedBox app to see what's out, view trailers, search RedBoxes you'll be passing by to see if they have it, and even reserve it on your phone so you know its there when you get there.

    Square: The Square app lets you take credit cards on your phone! The Square service even will send you a free credit card reader that lets you swipe credit cards through a small device that plugs into your phone's audio jack. Money is transferred from the credit card to the Square service (they take 2.5% for the transaction) and then the money goes into your bank account the next day! Great for anyone with a small business and needs to take credit card payments on the go -- or for friends who need to settle up a bill out at Buffalo Wild Wings.

    My FTP Server: Probably the easiest way to transfer files to and from your Android device without cables. Install the app, set a username, password and turn on the server. Now computers within your local network can access the phone through an FTP client. This lets you easily transfer files onto or from the Android.

    Skype: Probably the most well known and best cross-platform video chat program. If you have a front-facing camera on your phone and Skype, you can do free video chats with others using Skype on Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Tablets and Blackberry devices.

    Astro File Manager: A program for viewing files and directories on your SD Card. Normally impossible to see unless you connect to your computer with a cable or view application specific files with their associated application... this lets you view whats on your device, and even move or clean up files that are just eating up space.

    eBuddy: A chat program that lets you connect to and chat with your friends on Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, Windows Live, ICQ, AIM, MySpace and Hyves.

    Android Wifi Tether: A great program for Rooted devices that let you share your 3G internet connection with other devices. I don't think this is in the Android Market (Android Play).